Sasha Mikheyev-Academic Skills

点击:    日期:2021-05-31

题目: Academic Skills


摘要: I am going to base my two lectures around Academic Skills Handbook that we've developed for the JSC from ANU materials. My first lecture will talk about how an Australian university is run and the different styles of teaching, and then talking about study skills. The second lecture will focus on writing and academic integrity. It will also introduce a SDU perspective on some of these topics, and I would like to see some dialog about how Chinese students approach these topics.





报告人简介Sasha Mikheyev澳大利亚国立大学副教授理学部副部长。从事进化生物学、生物适应、宿主寄生虫之间的相互作用、系统发育与比较分析、陆地生态学等方面的研究。多篇著作发表在 Current BiologyMolecular Biology and EvolutionCurrent Opinion in Insect SciencePLOS ONE (Public Library of Science)BMC Genomics各大学术期刊。

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