Dr Noah White

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职务 Lecturer 办公室 308
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Dr Noah White


I am a mathematician at ANU working at the intersection of algebra, geometry and combinatorics with much of my work being inspired by physics. Prior to ANU I completed my PhD at the University of Edinburgh and was a postdoc at UCLA. Much of my research focuses on examples of physical systems of particles (such as spin chain models, or some classical integrable models) whose motion produce mathematical phenomena which can be used to prove results in algebra, specifically representation theory. I am also interested a relatively new object called the cactus group and how this can advance our understanding of the representation theory of the finite simple groups. I have taught a very wide range of classes from all levels of calculus, to linear algebra, to probability, to a range of more advanced algebra topics. Differential equations lie at the heart of mathematics’ effectiveness at describing our natural world and it is one of my favourite courses to teach and I enjoy interacting with students as they learn this fundamental topic.





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